Q?Your first Business Meeting in China. How to behave and what to wear?
  • To make business in China, you should go with your Company’s delegation(Vice president, Boarder of Directors).
  • Nowadays every one want to make business in China because is one of the most powerful economies in the world with very comfortable government climate. But to make a good business in China it is necessary to understand the Chinese culture and the way of doing business here.
  • It is better go with you vice-presidents, not alone. And of course prepare a Chinese contact that will help to introduce you as a serious businessman.
  • Be patient.  You need to be prepared to negotiating & be reasonable if it is needed.
  • Chinese business man likes when you can prove that he’ll be the first one who is going receive income from your business model.
  • A Chinese never says “NO” directly and when he/she says “YES”, it means that he understand the situation.
  • You always should be on time at the meetings and you shouldn’t sit down before someone invites you to do it.
  • Men should wear a dark suit and women shouldn’t wear a great décolletage and too much jewelry.
  • You shouldn’t finger point people, confuse politeness with friendship, talk about policies, sex or personal themes.