Become our Partner

Goldmillennium Group has worked tirelessly over the years to carefully select and build an invaluable network consisting of: Accounting Firms, Banks, Fiduciaries, Independent Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Tax Advisors and Trust Companies throughout the world.

Goldmillennium Group has strategically positioned itself as a partner who not only adds value to the Client-Advisor relationship but goes to great distances to meet the customer demands. In order to keep on delivering to our customer needs we would like to urge the local consultants who have a wide and detailed knowledge of the domestic market and a better understanding of the finer nuances to synergize with us. By capitalizing on each others’ strengths we would be able to provide customized solutions and meet client specific requirements. Our partners often choose to work with Goldmillennium Group as they seek deeper understanding and expertise of regulations in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our Referral Program is designed for Professional Qualifying Firms, Sole Practitioners and Consultants, and Companies who wish to participate and become a fundamental part of our service operations.

Please, contact us or fill The Referral Program Form.