Drafting of contracts

Contracts will be drafted by our local team of Chinese lawyers, who are also able to analyze, negotiate and verify the contract according to local regulations. Our team has a wide knowledge of industry standards, valuation methods, legal negotiation and pricing structures.

Types of contracts:

  • Commission Contract
  • Agency Contract
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Distribution Contract
  • Memorandum of Understanding for International Distribution Agreemen
  • Memorandum of Understanding to Enter into a Joint Venture
  • OEM Manufacturing Contract China
  • Required authorizations clause
  • Business establishment, change of ownership forms
  • Company reorganization, exchange of property rights
  • Industrial properties assessment and taxation arrangements
  • Different economic contracts
  • Trademarks, patents and IPR agreements
  • Contracts for joint venture activities
  • Labour contract agreements
  • Purchase contracts
  • Consulting service contracts
  • Employee contracts
  • Rental and leasing agreements
  • Transfer of ownership agreements
  • Mortgage agreements

With over than 7 years experience we helped hundreds of companies to successfully set up in China’s development zones.