Seminars in China or Overseas

GMG provides International Contract Management and Culture & Business related to China trainings across China, both in English and Chinese.

Doing business in China presents new difficulties to any company. GMG helps you manage this knowledge gap with a series of trainings and workshops.

One of our activities is presenting Free seminars and webinars to the public.

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GMG is a PMI® Global Registered Education Provider and we also have client-customized Project Management and other trainings across China, both in English and Chinese.

With over seven years of experience of advising our Clients with their investments in the People’s Republic of China and helping hundreds of companies to successfully set up in China’s development zones, the firm’s efforts have been directed to firmly position itself strategically as a partner capable of providing added value to the client-advisor relationship. GMG helps its clients minimize the risks of investing in China.

Seminars in China: Culture & Business

Doing Business in China2-3 Hours


The goal of this course is to cover all the fundamentals of when and how to successfully do business in China, of the Legal system, and of government structure.


Maximization of Profits for Your Business in China


2-3 Hours


The goal of this course is to cover all the fundamentals of maximizing of profit. Students will learn about special economic areas, coastal cities, development and free trade zones, and taxation in China.


Incorporation of

companies in China

2-3 Hours


The goal of this course is to cover all the fundamentals with regard to structures that are utilized by foreign companies to become established in China.


Due Diligence & Feasibility Study Reports & Business Plan in China


2-3 Hours


The goal of this course is to cover all the basics of analysis within China, as well as covering information on documentation required by Chinese authorities.


Advanced Executive Coaching

Language & Business



This program is designed to improve the Business English related communications skills of selected senior managers in order for them to be able to effectively communicate at the workplace. Course content is highly customizable around new vocabulary, idioms, sentence structures, work related case studies, key writing techniques and presentations skills.



Negotiation Skills

2 Days


This course gives a detailed review of the differences between Western and Chinese cultures,

negotiation strategies, and the impact these have in businesses.

Introduction to China


3 Hours


This course goes over the following aspects of doing business in China: how to form a company (WFOE), tax filing, distribution channels, due diligence and joint ventures .


  International Legal Workshops & Seminars

International Contract Management – 2 days length

The goal of this course is to render clear the fundamentals of contract management and help students gain a full awareness and understanding of contractual management. Economic uncertainty and regulatory requirements have put contract management on corporate agendas. This course helps your staff understand the basics of a contract and delivers measurable improvements in financial and operational performance for your company and will help you protect your company’s interests during any negotiation.

e-Learning Portal

Gold Millennium has its own eLearning system that enables students to access to each of the project management modules, as well as the overall PMP test.

We also can offer you next seminars:

  • SEMINARS INTRODUCTION TO CHINA (up to 5 or 6-10 persons)
  • DIPLOMATICA MISIONS (seminars for China 5 persons + tour or 6-10 persons + tour)