Sourcing Services

GMG has extensive experience advising foreign companies from a wide range of sectors who want to extend their market & offers consulting and personalized solutions for import-export projects in China.

 Project Feasibility

Not all products or services conform to the demands of the Chinese market. Based on our experience, market re-search, and continuous contact with Chinese public administration, we help you analyze the feasibility of your project in China.

Search for Potential Clients

The Chinese market has enormous business opportunities, but at the same time, it is complicated by the cultural differences from the West. GMG offers a wide range of native professionals who can locate potential clients that are interested in purchasing your company’s products or services.


Negotiation is, in many ways, the most difficult part of the whole process. GMG understands Chinese trading practices, which allows you approach negotiation with a correct attitude. GMG negotiates on behalf of your company and offers its experience to get the result that you want for your business.


Contracting is one of the most delicate phases of the project. GMG thorough understanding of the Chinese legal framework allows your company to sign contracts which minimize your risk. GMG also knows the different demands that Chinese law imposes to ensure the validity of foreign documents in the country. Consequently, this allows you to accelerate the contracting process. Today, one can submit disputes arising from contracts to the International Court of Arbitration, where GMG has extensive experience in the defense and protection of our clients’ interests.

 Project Tracking

Each week, GMG contacts the Chinese manufacturer to track the project. GMG also makes regular visits to the factories to monitor product quality and avoid undue delays in production.


For the security of your company, GMG sends you weekly reports on the development and evolution of your project. In addition, GMG organizes videoconferences with clients during all phases of the project, so that, despite the distance, we maintain a personal relationship as consultant and client.

Logistics Solutions

Chinese customs should be a simple intermediary step for your project; nevertheless, it is often the end of the journey for many companies. Do not underestimate the complications that exist in customs procedures. Our contacts in the Chinese ports facilitate the entrance of your products and materials which you need for your project.

Design of Industrial Plant

The design of and approval process for industrial plants in China are unique. Our experience in obtaining government approval will allow you to realize the design that you want for your industrial plant without violating local regulations.

Auxilliary Systems

In China, it is common that, despite having finalized the installation of the industrial plant, the opening  is delayed because of a lack of approval from auxiliary systems. We understand the specific local regulations and take care to facilitate the revision, verification, and government approval procedures of all the auxiliary systems, so that you can start your business according to plan.