Registration of representative offices


Duration: from 1 month

GMG Service Fee:  50% online prepayment required $1499 USD.  Full price is $2 999 USD.



Gold Millennium CO, Ltd., in conformity to the regulations of the People's Republic of China, will provide the following services to the client.

Obtain the Approval Certificate and the business license of the RO from the local approval authorities by completing the following:

  • Name registration for the Representative office
  • Application for the Business License
  • Application for the Business Tax
  • Issue of the New Business License of the New RO.
  • Electronic Business License
  • Enterprise Code Registration Certificate x 2
  • Enterprise Code IC Card
  • Tax Registration Certificate for State and Local x 4
  • Statistics Registration Certificate
  • Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate
  • Foreign Exchange IC Card
  • SAFE Approval on Opening Bank Account
  • Company Chop, Financial Chop, Chief Representative Chop
  • Bank account opening.
  • Resident Permit for the Chief of the RO for one year (working permit)


Payment details

50% of amount mentioned above ($1499USD) is due upon beginning of the work and should be paid online to start registration process.  When GMG receive your payment we will provide you both Invoice and Service Agreement with future list of documents needed.

Last 50% of total sum you’ll pay when services will be completed.

Gold Millennium Co, Ltd. Consulting Fees will include Government Fees, costs, travelling fees, the fees related with the set up of the RO, one year leasing agreement, the official document to hire a Chinese legal representative for the RO and any other additional fees required in the process of RO registration.

Confidentiality clause

Any information obtained during the provision of services will be treated strictly confidential and will only be used on a need-to-know basis by our staff. We will not divulge or disclose any such information at any time to any non-designated parties or use any such information other than for the provision of the above services.


Future Agreement can be terminated upon mutual consultation, and each Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with fifteen (15) days prior written notice to the other Party.

Gold Millennium CO, Ltd.

Price: $1,499.00

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